Materials and Colours

Enhance your home and workplace with colour and shade!

When choosing material for exterior blinds and awnings, the amount and type of protection will dictate which material is best. Ambient light levels, airflow and weather protection vary depending on the product.

Colours shown can vary from computer screen to real life. We can provide sample swatches for accurate colour matching.

The following material pages list colours and patterns available for each product type. Browse the project gallery for wide range of examples of these materials in use.

Maximum Protection

100% Shade: Waterproof

Docril Nautica

Ideal for blinds, awnings and boat hooding. Total protection

100% Shade: Water Resistant


Ideal for blinds, awnings, boat hooding

95%+  Shade

Sunsed Fabric Peforated Mesh.

Ideal for: External blinds, awnings and shade sails

Improved Airflow and Visibility

95% Shade

Outlook 'Mode'

Ideal for external blinds, awnings, and shade sails

88% Shade


Ideal for blinds, awnings, umbrellas and shade sails

88% Shade


A proven and affordable range. Ideal for blinds, awnings and shade sails.

Visibility with protection from the elements

Clear and Clear Tint

Protection from wind and rain - while maintaining your view

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